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This Rottweiler’s Back Legs Don’t Work Properly. But She Teach the Little Baby How To Crawl.

Every animal has a beautiful heart. Animals’ hearts are actually more beautiful than human hearts. Their love is sincere. Human’s love can change at any moment. But the love of animals is not like that. Their love remains unchanged until the end of life. When they start loving their owner, they will do anything for the owner. Especially the dog is the closest animal to human.

So it can be said that dog is the most honest and loving hearted animal in the animal world. They love not only their owner but also the owner’s family. They especially love the little ones in the family. Kahlua is one such lovable Rottweiler mix. She is more special than other dogs. At first no one wanted to adopt her. Because her back legs were not functioning properly. But in the end, luckily, she found a family that truly loves her.

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Accordingly, Kahlua was adopted by Lori Dugas and her family who live in Port Charlotte, Florida. There she got a very loving family. A wonderful friendship developed between Lori’s young son, Caleb, and the dog. It was a really amazing bond and it grew day by day. One day Lori posted a video of Kahlua and her baby boy on the internet. This video quickly won the love of millions and became popular everywhere.

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According to this video, the dog teaches little Caleb how to get around and they both crawl along the ground with their arms or front legs, back legs dragging behind. It is really wonderful. Even though the dog’s back legs did not work properly, she taught the little baby how to crawl along the ground very well. Little Caleb followed the dog very happily.

Kahlua, a rottweiler mix, has a very dark past. She fell from the third floor balcony of her former family house. As a result, she fractured her spine and hip. So she loss of function in her back legs. Therefore, her previous family rejected her. But this new family gave her not only a wheeled buggy but also a new life.

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