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Rottweiler Puppy Ate Foods That Didn’t Belong To Her. So Owner Threw Her Over a Wall.

Dogs are like little kids. They can do anything at any moment. Sometimes they don’t know what suits them and what don’t. So dogs are just like little kids. We cannot predict what they will do in the next moment. They are likely to do mischievous things at any moment. So dog owners should understand it well.

But some dog owners do not understand this at all. Today we are going to tell you about a heartwarming incident that an innocent puppy had to face because of such an owner. One day a man from Clearwater, Florida came to the beach with his rottweiler puppy. But it’s not for enjoy. This man was very aggressive with the little puppy. Even though she was still a little puppy of about three-months-old, it didn’t matter to this man.

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Once he dragged the puppy by the leash and threw it over a wall. He continued to aggressively deal with the puppy. It is a heartwarming incident. So people who could not watch this incident informed the authorities as soon as possible. A few minutes later, authorities arrived at the scene and caught the man. But even after that, it was amazing that this man tried to defend his actions. Innocent dog were already limping because of what the man had done.

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However, when the authorities asked what was the reason for this, he gave an unbelievable answer. He said he did this because the puppy ate food that did not belong to her. He said he was crazy when he found out she had eaten them. It is truly an unbelievable story for anyone. But the man is not ready to accept what he has done. Therefore, everyone decided not to let this man adopt an animal for the rest of his life. He continued to say that he was not aggressive with the dog.

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  1. Although I enjoy your website, you should proofread a few of your pieces. Many of them have serious spelling errors, which makes it difficult for me to convey the truth. Nevertheless, I will definitely return.

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