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Heroic Dog Rescued Lost Puppy, Who Was Stuck In Mud Fot 2 Days

Every dog is a superhero. It is fair to say that they are the best friend not only of man but for every animal. We are going to tell you about an amazing story of another heroic dog.

‘Puppy” is a loving pet dog raised with a Washington family. One day, he was following his family on horseback ride. He is an 11-year-old Great Pioneer dog. But the family learned that the dog that was following them had missing. No matter how hard searched, they couldn’t find the dog. Puppy’s family was really upset. Puppy is the dog they have lovingly raised as a kid in their family.

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They didn’t receive any information about the dog. So they decided to seek help from the Three Retriever Lost Pet Rescue organization on Facebook. They then began searching for the missing dog, using a rescue dog named Tino, who owned their organization. That was about a day and a half after Puppy had lost. Tino used his nose and ability to search for the dog. However, Tino found the puppy about 40 hours after the lost.

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About 45 minutes after, Tino found Puppy stuck in a mud pond. Three men put ropes and pulled Puppy out of the mud. But Puppy’s back legs were stuck in the mud for about 40 hours, making it difficult to move due to the cold. When Puppy was found, about 2/3 of Puppy’s body was cover in the mud. Without Tino, they would not have been able to find Puppy.

This is Tino’s story. One day, a German Shepherd dog was found walking alone in a forest in Washington State. She was pregnant. Jim Branson, founder of Useless Bay Sanctuary, a nonprofit dog rescue, took in the lost dog. The next day she gave birth to a puppy and named that puppy as Tino. As Tino grew up, he practiced little by little, and after 16 months of training, he became a full member of Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue. He is a really heroic dog.

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