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Rottweiler Puppy Miraculously Survive After Eating Bottle of Glue.

Becoming a dog parent is not easy. Because it is a big responsibility. Parents know how much responsibility it is to take care of little kids. So becoming a dog owner is such a responsibility. Because dogs are like little kids. They can do anything at any moment. None of us know what they are going to do in the next moment. So even a very small thing can cost them their lives.

Teresa Sanders and Aaron Blake are also loving rottweiler owners. Their Rottweiler, seven-month-old Lucy, was a very strong, energetic and gentle puppy. Normally, dogs like to bite everything. Especially puppies try to bite everything they see. Lucy is one such puppy. Teresa and Aaron loved their dog very much. But one day something unexpected happened.

Aaron regularly uses Gorilla Glue to repair his exercise equipment. One day he was cleaning his exercise equipment and Lucy was playing around him. It is very normal. But once he turned back, he saw something totally unexpected. Little Lucy had already jumped on the kitchen table and eaten the glue. The dog had completely chewed it to pieces. This type of glue has a sweet smell that dogs love, so maybe she ate it.

About 20 minutes after Lucy ate it, her health began to completely change. Her belly began to grow like a watermelon, so they rushed her to treatment as soon as possible. There the vets said that her stomach had become very big due to the ingestion the glue. She needed ongoing treatment and tests so they kept her at the veterinary center and returned home. But they couldn’t forget Lucy. They did not believe that she would survive.

But vets removed the large mass from her stomach and her condition gradually improved. The next day, when the owners went to the vet, they were surprised to see Lucy. Because her condition had miraculously changed. She had become a perfectly healthy dog.

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