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Rottweiler Saves Owner’s Life By Opening The Door For Medical Team After He Collapses.

Every man should have a dog. There are several reasons for that. Dog has been man’s best friend for thousands and thousands of years. We cannot trust people. But we can trust our dog. Because people’s love changes, but dogs’ love never changes. And when a dog is trained very well, they will come forward at any moment for the life of the owner. At least they don’t think about their own lives.

Gary Gregory, 32, from Felixstowе, Suffolk, had one such dog. It was a Rottweiler. Three-year-old Megan the Rottweiler had an amazing bond with and Gary. They are like best friends. It was very difficult for them to live apart from each other. Meanwhile, Gary’s health began to collapse and he sought medical attention. The tests revealed that he had stones in his stomach. As a result, his health began to collapse every time.

One day when Gary was alone at home, something unexpected happened. Only he and his two dogs, including Megan, were in the house. Gary’s health collapsed and he suddenly fell at his house. Gary then crawled to the phone and dialed 999 for medical help before he lost consciousness completely. As a result, a medical team arrived at their home within minutes. But when they arrived, the door was locked. The medical team knocked on the door several times but there was no response.

They tried to open the door. But it was not easy. After a few minutes they saw someone going to open the door. But the door was opened by someone they didn’t expect at all. That’s Gary’s rottweiler. After seeing the dog, they couldn’t believe it. But the dog allowed them to come inside the house. Accordingly, they quickly checked Gary’s health condition and took him for treatment.

The doctors who examined him said that if the door hadn’t been opened, he would have lost his life. Fortunately, his life was saved because of the dog. In the end, Gary told the media that she is a very loving and loyal dog. Moreover, after Gary returned home, Megan never left his side. And he said that, Megan and his other two dogs were licking his face after he collapses.

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