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Brave Rottweiler Saves His Tiny Neighboring Dog From Coyote.

There are some of the most powerful and strong breeds in the dog world. Among those breeds, Rottweiler dogs have a prominent position. Because Rottweilers are one of the most energetic, strong and brave breeds in the dog world. And they are aggressive by nature. But when given proper training and socialization, their aggression can be control.

Accordingly, well-trained rottweiler dogs know how to deal very well with outsiders and animals. This is a heroic act of such a dog. Not only the pets who living in the forests but also the pets who living in urban areas sometimes have to face various problems due to wild animals.

This dog owner, who was walking along the road in front of his house with his wife and pet dog at around 7 a.m, never expected such an incident. When they were walking down the road they chained their little chihuahua dog, Winnie, in front of the house for a few minutes. Because they knew very well about the security of that area. Dogs have not really a problem in that area.

But within a few minutes something happened that they did not expect at all. Suddenly a coyote appeared from the far end of the field and rushed towards the little dog as fast as thunder. The coyote then tried to drag the dog away and the dog’s mother, Trixie, made great efforts to save her dogs. But it was not easy for her to do it herself. Coyote was very energetic. All this was seen by their neighbor’s Rottweiler dog.

Realizing that his neighbor’s canine friend need help, Rottweiler rushed to the spot as quickly as possible. Then he jumped on the coyote and chased the coyote until it ran away. So in the end, thanks to the heroic Rottweiler, the little dog’s life was saved.

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