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Big Rottweiler Adopted Tiny Stray Puppy Who Dumped in Freezing Weather.

Rottweilers are a very popular breed of guard dogs. There are several types of Rottweiler dogs. But each type of rottweiler was used in the past as a guard dog and for protection of livestock. Because they have a natural ability for that. Also, although they are a very powerful and aggressive breed, they become gentle and obedient dogs when given good training.

They are actually much more lovable than people think. Well-trained Rottweilers also deals very well with outside animals. A local rescue team received an unexpected news on a freezing day. It is about a dumped little puppy. It is a very freezing day. It is difficult for a everyone to be outside on such a day. So two members of the rescue team rushed to the spot as soon as possible.

But the puppy was not there. So they searched everywhere for the puppy and after a few minutes they found the puppy shivering in a corner. He was shivering so much due to extreme cold. One of the women who came to rescue the puppy wrapped him in her coat and warmed him. Later, they both took the puppy for veterinary treatment. There, several health problems were diagnosed and all of them were treated. And nutritious food gave him for restore his lost energy. He is a very adorable puppy.

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He was then taken to a foster home. There he was named Archie. And another wonderful thing happened at the foster home. Little Archie meets a big rottweiler named Remy. He was the family’s pet rottweiler and Remy was very friendly with Archie from the day little Archie came home. He followed Archie wherever he went and protected him like an elder brother. He warmed him whenever possible like a mom.

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And they used to play together and sleep together. In fact, these big rottweilers completely adopted the little puppy. Because he gave a lot of love to Archie. Remy used to spend the whole day with the little puppy.

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