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Dumped One-Eyed Rottweiler Puppy Finally Adopted By a Loving Family.

If you are a dog lover, you know how great a breed Rottweiler is in the dog world. Their strength, appearance and instincts have made them a popular breed. Therefore, they are sold at a very high price in the market. So they have to face various problems because of the breeders. Because most breeders don’t really love them. They only want financial benefits.

Some breeders dumps puppies and adult dogs to the streets when couldn’t sell them to buyers. One day a rescue team found such a puppy. He was a very cute and lovely puppy. But when the rescuers found him, the condition of one of his eyes had not fine at all. Because the little puppy’s eye had popped out of its socket. As a result, the ability of see of that eye was completely lost.

So the rescuers realized that the puppy needed help quickly. So they took him to the Paws Rescue shelter as soon as possible. After that they contacted the owner Amanda Giese and told about this. As soon as she saw the puppy, she was amazed. But he was such a cute puppy that she started petting him. They then named the puppy Kobe and quickly referred him for treatment.

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The vets who examined him there said that the best thing that can be do for the puppy is the remove his eye. Accordingly, they successfully removed the eye. Amanda then took Kobe to her house. Because it was important to give him special attention. So Amanda’s house was very big and free, so the Rottweiler boy got the protection and attention he needed. And he was able to live there very comfortably. There he met some other dog friends and he was able to play with them all day.

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After a few weeks his eye started to recover and he became a very active and cute dog like the other dogs despite lost one eye. After he was fully recovered, Amanda began searching for a suitable forever family for him. Kobe needed a special family that can give him special attention, so Amanda started an interview to find one. Kobe was adopted by a loving family. He got a very good protection, love and comfort from the new family.

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