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Female Dog Broke Out Her Kennel To Comfort Lonely Rottweiler Puppies at Middle of the Night.

Real mothers love not only their kids but also every kid. Because most mothers feel that every kid is like their own kid. There is no change mothers love in the animal world. Most animal moms do everything they can for their babies. They feed their cubs. Takes care. Dog mothers also love their puppies more than their own lives. There are mothers in the dog world who have loving hearts who can be a mother not only to their puppies but to all puppies. So, we are going to tell you a wonderful story about such a dog.

Parents are the most precious thing in this world. Bakers Pet Motel, in Alberta, Canada, is an organization dedicated to the protection of lost animals. One day a couple of shelter members met two Rottweiler mixed puppies between 8-10 weeks old. The mother of the pups could not be found and they brought the pups to the shelter. The puppies were spending their first night in their new cage. But they were confused by the unfamiliar environment.

Because of the confusion, the two pups began to shout nonstop. At this moment something happened very sweet and unbelievable. There was an Australian Shepherd female dog since few days. She could hear the puppies’ sound very well. Her name was Maggie. So maggie came out of her cage and walked towards the puppy’s cage. Because she felt something

The incident was recorded. While checking the videos, Alex Aldred, who works at the motel, and his mother, Sandy, saw what Maggie had done. Maggie tried to get close to the puppies and she sat near the puppies’ cage. Sandy then gave her a chance to go to the puppies’ cage. She knew they needed each other. She went near to the pups, hugged them, licked and comforted them. She just wanted to be with the puppies.

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Maggie’s warmth was a great comfort to the lonely puppies in an unfamiliar place withour mother. She really warmed up them as the mother of the pups. The three of them were together all night, and the next morning they were all snuggled up together in the same place. She became a mom for motherless pups. Having no cubs, she cared for them as if they were her own. They spent time together. Perhaps the animal world is a more lovable place than the human world. Animal hearts are much pure than human minds.

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