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Dumped and Unrecognizable Rottweiler Boy Makes Incredible Transformation and Awarded for It.

Some people don’t love animals at all. Such people throw innocent animals on the streets without thinking twice. But they cannot even imagine how difficult street life is. Adopting a Rottweiler is a dream of many dog lovers. But for some people, even such breeds of rottweilers have no value.

One day, Sean McCormick, a kind-hearted animal lover, was saw something incredible when walking along a Thai road. An abandoned dog with only its skin left. When the dog was found, he had only his skin. He had lost all his furs and his appearance had completely changed. At least it was impossible to tell what breed this dog was. Sean, who has a lot of experience about dogs, realized that there was something wrong with his skin. So he wanted to somehow help this dog.

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Sean is the co-founder and executive director of The PACK Sanctuary in Taiwan. So he took this dog to his shelter as soon as possible. But at first he was aggressive towards everyone, so it was very difficult to control him. But they did not give up. They did many things to calm him down because his mental state was not very good. Everyone thought he was a mastiff. After little by little the dog’s mental condition improved, they started treating him. Moreover, it gave him a place to feel well protected.

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Sean named the dog Tiny and within weeks he became one of the most popular dogs at the sanctuary. At first no one believed that he would survive. When his skin recovered and his fur began to grow back, everyone knew he was a rottweiler. The day they found out, they were excited. Also, Leila Pereira, an employee of the sanctuary, loved Tiny very much from the beginning and eventually she adopted him.

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She loved him so much that she bought a new house for him to live freely. In addition, he was awarded by “Grand Champion of Ruffs 2014”. It is because of incredible transformation.

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