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Hero Rottweiler Dragged His Owner From Van While Smoke Coming Out Of the Vehicle.

The dog has been man’s best friend for thousands and thousands of years. This is because the dog is an animal that can adapt very quickly to the human lifestyle. And they come forward at any moment without even thinking about their own life to save their owner’s life. And because they have a very developed instinct, they can understand anything very quickly. Therefore, when something going to wrong with their owner, they understand it very quickly.

Rottweilers are one such smart breed. Kathie Vaughn, 41, had a Rottweiler. She couldn’t move her waist down and her dog helps for her daily activities. So there was a very good bond between she and the dog. And the dog was always with her. One day she was driving to Atlanta in her car with her rottweiler, Eve. That’s for an antiques show. But during this journey, she had to face an unexpected incident.

While she was driving, she heard a single pop. Then smoke started coming out of her vehicle and she realized something was wrong. The smoke started coming out fast. So she started to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible. But she couldn’t to walk, so she quickly began assembling the parts for her special chair. But there was not enough time for that.

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The vehicle was covered in smoke and it was coming out faster. Meanwhile, something unexpected happened. Then Eve, Cathy’s pet, grabbed Cathy by the mouth and took her out the door of the van. As a result, she fell down from the vehicle. The dog did not stop there. He dragged Kathy to a ditch about 20 feet away from the vehicle. Then within a few minutes the van started turned ashes. Kathy couldn’t believe her pet. If he had not been with Kathy, her life would surely have ended.

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