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This Rottweiler Completely Broke Neighbor’s Brand New Pool.

There is not good opinions about Rottweiler dogs in the society. Because many people think that they are a very aggressive and disobedient breed that cannot be adopt at home. They are an aggressive breed by nature. But they also have a very gentle, loving and funny side. Dogs that have been given good training and socialization never become aggressive for no reason. And they also deal very well with the neighbors.

Today we are going to tell you a funny story about a rottweiler who caused an unforgettable loss to his neighbor. Chevy is a very mischievous rottweiler. From the day he was brought into his new house as a puppy, he has been very fond of baths. So whenever he needed to take a bath, he used to do something wonderful. That is, he used to jump into the bathtub when he wanted to bathe. So a few months after later, Chevy received an incredible invitation from the neighbor.

Chevy’s neighbor had bought a new bathtub for his dog. So Chevy and his ownerwere invited to come and have fun there. So Chevy and the owner accepted the invitation and went to the neighbor’s house. But there something happened they did not expect at all. As soon as Chevy entered the neighbor’s house and saw the pool, the whole world was forgotten. He ran very fast and jumped into the pool. The owner could not control him at all. The rottweilers started playing in the pool like crazy.

It was all over in a few minutes. Chevy was a very large and heavy rottweiler, so the pool couldn’t handle him. Eventually the pool broke completely. The neighbor’s yard completely turned into a river. It really is a wonderful pool. It was one with a vinyl bottom and metal sides. It was actually a great pool, but Chevy completely ripped it off. The bottom of the pool was instantly torn and its sides collapsed. But the neighbor said nothing to them. He kept smiling.

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But Chevy’s owner bought two hard plastic shell pools for the neighboring dog and Chevy the next day. But it didn’t end there. Because Chevy was always tearing up the pools, the owner had to buy pools for him every summer.

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