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Family Rottweiler Left Life When Trying To Save Family Kids’ Life From Big Cobra

Dog is the most loyal and loving animal in the animal world. There is no other animal in the animal world that can match the trustworthiness and love of the dog. Because those are come naturally to dogs. As a result, the dog has become man’s best friend for tens of thousands of years. Therefore, he does not think twice for the owner’s life at any moment. Sometimes they don’t even think about their own life.

This Rottweiler named Laden is one such loyal dog. Living in Mundamuhana village of Khordha, Odisha, India, he was a very loving and loyal dog to his family. Because he loved his family very much. And his family loved him very much. One day, the two small kids of this family, Som and Prachi, were playing in the yard. Meanwhile, a large cobra suddenly came towards them. But no one saw it.

This cobra was a huge one, about five feet tall. But no one noticed that. Seeing the cobra, little Prachi grabbed her little brother and tried to escape from the cobra. In the meantime, the family dog, Laden, saw this incident. Realizing what was going to happen to the two little ones, he ran towards the cobra and started biting it. As a result, the cobra left life on the spot and the lives of the two kids were saved.

Seeing the incident, the family was excited and couldn’t believe it. They rushed the dog to the nearest veterinary center to check his condition as soon as possible. But unexpectedly, he left life very soon. Veterinarians said that this happened because cobra bit the dog. In the end, the dog saved the lives of the two little ones of the family and closed his eyes forever. The family said they will never forget what he did for them.

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