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Owner Dumped His Rottweiler at Freezing Night Because Of Health Problems.

A family is a great strength for all of us. Our family is with us when we need help. But we cannot bear it if they leave or ignore us when we need our family. So it is not only for us but also for animals. Especially domestic pets definitely need the help of their family. But this owner is not such a kind owner.

This innocent Rottweiler had such an owner. Because on a freezing night, he left this dog on the steps of a shelter. It was a freezing day and no one can being outside. But the gate of the shelter was not opened for several hours. So the dog had to stay outside for many hours. He had to bear extreme cold and hunger all over the freezing night. He was shivering in the cold outside the shelter.

No one came to help him. A few hours later, an employee of the shelter opened the door and was excited to see this dog. in the lodge was heartbroken after seeing him. Because it is such a sensitive. Because when they found him, he was not only shivering in the extreme cold and too much veak. He was also dehydrated due to lack of water. It seemed that he had not been properly nourished for a long time.

They then referred him for treatment where he underwent several scans. There it was possible to identify that he was full of bumps inside him. He was very thin. He also had a large lump on his front leg that extended from the shoulder to the knee. The vets who examined him said that it was very difficult to save his life. Because he had bone problems and many other complex health problems.

So in the end the vets decided to do the best thing for him. That is to put him down. Accordingly, the vets put him down. Finally, they found that a man had abandoned the dog near the shelter at around 3.46 am. Maybe the man left him because of his health problems.

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