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Little Puppy Attempts to Befriend Big Rottweiler At Dog Park. But Rottweiler Gently Ignores Him.

Someones do not have a good opinion about rottweiler dogs. Because many people think that Rottweilers are a very aggressive and disobedient breed. But that is not the truth. Although most people don’t know, Rottweilers also have a very funny and gentle side. Many people think that Rottweilers cannot be adopt as pet with other animals. But stories like this completely change that opinion.

Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature. But when given very good training and socialization, they deal friendly not only with family but also with outside animals and people. Rottweiler owners know that very well. This is another good example of that.

One day a wonderful thing happened in a dog park. This little golden retriever puppy tried hard to befriend with a giant rottweiler at the park. After a video became popular on the Internet, everyone fell love with this adorable dogs. He is the “Alpha” of the dog park. And one of the biggest dogs in the park. But this puppy is a 5-month-old golden retriever.

Some people like to be friends with very famous people. So this Rottweiler is one of the biggest and most popular dogs at the dog park, so this puppy might be trying to make friends with him. So the little puppy tried hard to befriend him. He rolling around on the ground next to him and tried hard to get his attention. But Rottweiler did not pay any attention. Therefore, it seemed like puppy’s hope is not to be fulfilled.

The puppy wanted to play with him somehow. But he had no desire to befriend or play with the puppy. He also completely ignored the puppy. He seemed to want to be alone. But the Rottweiler ignored the puppy very gently. Like an adult ignoring the mischievous of a little baby. The puppy’s owner said he tries to make friends with the rottweiler every time he visits the park. But Rottweiler was never aggressive towards the puppy.

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