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Rottweiler Unbelievably Helps To Woman Who Lost Both Legs.

The dog world is very amazing. Because there is no animal as amazing as the dog in the animal world. Loyalty, obedient, and affection are common traits of all dogs. But the characteristics and behavior patterns of dogs vary from breed to breed. Although breeds like Rottweilers are aggressive breeds by nature, they are incredibly loyal and obedient when given proper training and socialization.

Kuno is such a great dog. A three-year-old Rottweiler, he was a very large and strong dog and weighed around 130 pounds. Also, he is a very well trained dog and knows very well how to deal with people. Kuno has an advanced intelligence that allows him to quickly understand anything. He is a very obedient and gentle dog. All of this allowed Kuno to become a qualified service dog in Alberta, where he gained a lot of experience.

One day he got a chance to help Marla, a woman who lost both legs. She couldn’t to carry out daily activities on her own. So she decided to get a service dog. Because she lived alone and life was very difficult for her. Accordingly, she adopted Kuno and Kuno became a great strength for her life. He quickly adapted to her lifestyle. He learned very quickly what she need from him.

He quickly learned how to deal with her by adapting to her daily life. Moreover, he was a very big and strong dog, so sometimes she could use Kuno as a grab bar when she got out of the chair. So, as few weeks passed, they became very good friends and developed a very good understanding between them.

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But Marla never thought that a dog would be able to bring so much strength to her life. Because these Rottweiler protected her as much as possible not only inside the house but even outside.

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