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Loyal Rottweiler Refuses to Leave Owner After He Left Life On a Railway Track.

There is nothing in the world that can compare to the loyalty of dogs. We cannot even imagine the loyalty of some dogs. Some dogs stay with their owners until the end of their lives. They never leave their owner’s side. So today we are going to tell you a very emotional and incredible story about such a dog.

Victor Raina Vasquez, 57, is a dog owner. He had a rottweiler dog. Although it is not clear what kind of man Victor is, it is clear that there was an inseparable bond between him and his dog. One day he was wandering with his dog near a railway track in Montmorelos, Mexico. But that evening, the locals saw something they did not expect at all. That is how a person falls on the railway track.

After informing the officials about this, they investigated the incident and they found it was Victor. He fell on the railway track. His Rottweiler-mix was also sleeping next to him. During the investigations, they found that Victor Raina and his dog were hanging out near the railway track in the previous day and he was drinking too much. The station in Montmorelos, in the province of Neo Leon in northeastern Mexico, was hot with the incident.bBecause Victor had already passed away.

Officials tried to get him off the rail, but it wasn’t easy. Because his dog didn’t give permission to anyone. At least he didn’t let anyone get close to Victor. He tried to bite everyone who tried to get close to them. But after many attempts, the officers managed to remove the dog from the spot.

But after this incident, it is not clear whether the dog was handed over to a shelter or if adopted by someone. However, as the photos went viral on social media, everyone praised the dog’s honesty and love.

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