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Thirsty And Ignored Rottweiler Drinking Water From Dirty Gutter on Roof.

Raising a pet is not as easy as think. If you are a mother or father, you know how big a responsibility it is to take care of a small kid. So raisinh and caring for a pet is such a responsibility. But some pet owners don’t think much of that responsibility. Many people completely ignoring their pets.

Also, some owners do not provide at least food and water to their pets. This is a story about several dogs, including a Rottweiler dog, who faced such a fate. Pet owner Jennifer Lynn Scott, 36, lived on Avenue in Monroe. She raised several other dogs, including a rottweiler. But her neighbors do not know clear details about her. Because she did not have close relations with the neighbors.

But one day the neighbors saw something unbelievable on Jennifer’s property. Jennifer’s Rottweiler and another dog were drinking dirty water from a gutter on the roof of the house. It was a very hot day, about 92 degrees. So it is not easy to live without water on such a day. These two dogs kept barking whir drinking water from the roof gutter. Neighbors realized that something was wrong.

Therefore, they informed the authorities about this as soon as possible and a few hours later several officers arrived at the spot. They entered Jennifer’s house. There the officials saw something unbelievable. The house was completely dirty and there was garbage everywhere. And in that dirty house there was not only a rottweiler but several other dogs and a cat. None of them had food or water in the house. And at least they were not given the basic treatments they needed.

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Officers knew from neighbors that Jennifer’s dogs had been tied up for hours without food or water. Neighbors also said that on most days they would bark all night. However, it is unclear what had happened in the end to the dogs and Jennifer. But humane officers were removed five dogs from that house.

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