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Rottweiler Girl Pretends to Play and Tries to Eat Sister’s Meal From Her Bowl.

Rottweilers are known as a very aggressive and stubborn dog breed. Many people do not want to adopt them because of the different opinions people have about them. But Rottweilers are not as aggressive and disobedient breed as people think. Like all dogs they have a very funny and fun side.

Some of their fun activities make us forget even our problems. And sometimes they behave like little kids. As dog lovers know very well, Rottweilers are one of the most intelligent breeds in the dog world. They have a great intelligence that makes them understand the anything very quickly. And their instincts are highly developed. Therefore, when they are well trained, they can follow commands very well.

So today we are going to tell you a story about a funny act of such a smart and funny rottweiler. This rottweiler named Lola lived in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a very funny and gentle dog. She always had a wonderful habit when she eating. That is, she is used to eating from the bowl of her sister, Milly, on the other side. But she never got permission from parents. Because that bowl belongs to Millie.

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So Lola knew that very well. But she didn’t give up. She wanted to eat from Millie’s bowl anyway. So she decided to use different tactics for that. One day, while Lola was eating from her bowl, she pretended to be playing and slowly tried to reach Millie’s bowl. The owner couldn’t stop laughing when he saw this. The owner did not forget to record it. Maybe Lola thought that the owner did not understand what she was going to do. It is really a very funny behavior. Even small kids sometimes behave like this way. Lola wanted to eat from her sister’s bowl somehow.

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