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Brave Rottweiler Treads Water For 24 Hours to Stay Alive in Deep Mine Shaft.

Rottweilers are one of the strongest dog breeds in the dog world. Their strength is so high that they can handle anything. Rottweilers are generally not very fond of water. At least some rottweilers can’t even swim. The main reason is that they are overweight. But some dogs are very good at swimming. However, learning to swim is very important for every dog.

Because knowing how to swim is very important for their life. Maddie is a very big and strong rottweiler. He used to go for walks with his owner, Nick Lake, every day. So one day, while they were walking in Camborne, England as usual, they had to face an unexpected incident. Maddie disappears and Nick has no idea where he went. He looked for his pet everywhere. He searched everywhere for his pet until night came. But he didn’t get any evidence about Maddie.

So he went home hoping to find his pet the next day, but he couldn’t sleep through the night. The next morning he went back to look for the dog. He looked for his dog everywhere. He called Maddie’s name. After a while he heard an unusual voice and it was not difficult for him to recognize it as Maddie’s. He went as fast as he could in the direction of the voice. Nick saw his pet Rottweiler fall into a very deep mine shaft. The mine shaft were about 80 feet deep and required the assistance of a rescue team to retrieve the dog.

Accordingly, Nick asked for the help of a rescue team and a team of 19 officers came to rescue the dog. They rescued the dog safely. In the end, they were able to know something that they could not believe at all. Thatis, that Maddie has been treading water for about 24 hours to stay alive.

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It is very difficult not only for a dog but also for a human being. So it was amazing that no one could believe. But Maddie was a very strong dog and his life was saved. In the end, Nick also decided to put barriers around the mine shaft to stop other animals from falling into it.

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