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Loving Rottweiler Comforts Stranger in Park Who Just Lost His Own Dog.

If you are a dog lover, you know very well what a wonderful breed Rottweilers are. Due to their aggressive nature, many people do not want to adopt them. But Rottweiler owners know very well what a wonderful breed they are when given the proper training.

Given good training and socialization, Rottweilers get along very well not only with family but also with outsiders. This is a good example of that. Nato is a large Rottweiler who is very loyal to his owner and very gentle. He used to go for walks at the dog park with his owner, Dan McPherson, every day. They spend a great time in the park and Dan and Nato had a great bond between them.

One day the two of them were at the dog park when something unexpected happened. There was a bench near them and an unknown old man came and sat on that bench. It is so common in a park. So Dan didn’t care about it. But from the moment that man arrived, Nato’s behavior changed completely. The dog was staring at the man. Within minutes, Nato locked eyes with him. Dan then noticed this man and realized that his mood was not good.

Nato tried to close the man. Realizing that, Dan gave him permission and the dog went to him and started pet with him. Dan couldn’t believe it. Nato treated him like best friend. So Dan talked to the man. There Dan could know that he had a rottweiler just like Nato, who had recently closed eyes forever. So his heart was broken because of the loss of the Rottweiler girl.

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Then Dan remembered that this man always came to the park with a dog. He told Dan that gave him such a good feeling being able to pet Nato. Maybe Nato felt his feelings. Therefore, Nato may have tried to approach him to comfort him. Because most dogs can sense people’s emotions very well.

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