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Rottweiler Left Life After Playing With a Favorite Chew Toy.

Being a pet owner is not easy at all. It is a very big responsibility because adopting a pet is like taking care of a small kid. Even the smallest thing can end the lives of pets. Sometimes it can happen even with a very small thing that we did not expect at all. So this story is a great example for every pet owner.

Dogs love chew toys. Therefore, many dog owners buy chew toys for their dogs. So pet stores also have plenty of chew toys. But you need to be very careful while buying them for your dog. The owner of this rottweiler, Maximus, also loved him very much. So they gave him everything he wanted. They also bought a lot of toys for him.

One evening he was playing with his favorite chew toy, Kong Toy. There, the owner’s son saw the toy to be suctioning to his tongue. But at first the owners did not take it seriously. They thought he was playing with it. But around 1 a.m. Max jumped into the owner’s bed and woke her up. Even then the toy was still on his tongue. The owner tried to get it out but it was not easy. Accordingly, the owner realized that the ball of the toy was stuck in his tongue. This popular toy’s no hole on top. There’s a hole on the bottom and it just got sucked on his tongue,”

So they took Max for treatment as soon as possible. The vet had to cut out Max’s tongue because they couldn’t get the toy out. But his condition was not so good and the family had to make a difficult decision. “I’m not going to let our dog live without a tongue” said the dog’s mother. Her heart was so broken. Therefore, the veterinarians also agreed with the owners’ request. Accordingly, they decided to put the dog down. So if you are a pet owner, always take care of your dog’s safety

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