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Rottweiler Lived in the Woods For 9 Months Alone. Finally A Miracle Happened to Her.

The lives of every animal in this world are priceless. But Rottweilers are the smartest dog breed in the dog world. Due to their popularity and highly developed instincts, they are in high demand in the dog world. And they are a very aggressive breed by nature. Therefore many people think that it is difficult to raise them without proper training and socialization.

But it is hard to believe that a rottweiler who has lived in the forest for months of human habitation is very friendly with humans. But this is a story about such a dog. One day, two friends, Callie and Lee, were walking through a forest in Western Australia. There they saw a Rottweiler dog wandering alone in the forest. It is really surprising to see such a dog wandering in a forest. And the dog seemed to have lived in the forest for a long time.

Callie and Lee realized that her life was not safe in the forest and it seemed that she needed love and protection. So for that they first informed the forest security officials about this dog. There they got to know that the dog has been living in this forest for about nine months. And they tried several times to catch her but couldn’t. So they finally gave up. But these two friends did not leave her.

They tried to approach her. And tried to win her trust. Some kind workers threw foods at her who working on the nearby road, but they never tried to approach her. However, after trying for a long time, the two friends were able to befriend her. Finally they rescued her from the forest and decided to give her a new lease of life.

Callie and Lee named her Rosie and started a social media page for her. Through that, they managed to find a loving family for her. So because of these two kind friends, she lived with a loving family for four years and finally closed her eyes forever. Callie and Lee gave her a new lease of life.

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