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Couple Found Their Missing Engagement Ring From Inside The Family Rottweiler’s Tummy.

Rottweiler dogs are often just like little kids. Most of the time they eat everything they see. They don’t understand whether it is good to eat or not. And sometimes, no matter how long we live with the dog, we cannot understand some of their behavior patterns. So we don’t know what they will do in the next moment. So today we are going to tell you a story about a couple who faced an unexpected incident because of their dog.

Engagement ring is a very precious thing in all of our lives. We all take care of our wedding ring like our life. But one day Amanda Davy and her partner in Melbourne had to face an unexpected incident. It’s because their wedding ring is missing. It is a very precious diamond engagement ring. So she and her partner were very excited to lose of this ring.

They both turned the house upside down in search of the ring. They searched it for about two weeks but found no evidence of it. And Amanda said she remembers that she put it on like table. But now it is nowhere. Various things began to come to their minds. Maybe someone took the ring. Otherwise, the ring might have been thrown away with the garbage.

Meanwhile, one day Amanda noticed something unexpected. That’s how their rottweiler, Millie, semelling another ring. After seeing it, she guessed what happened to the ring. So to confirm her guess, they placed an another ring on the table and checked the dog’s reaction. As they expected, the dog was attracted to the ring. Therefore, they thought that the wedding ring must have been swallowed by the dog.

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Accordingly, they took the dog to the vet as soon as possible, where a scan revealed that the ring was inside the dog’s tummy. Accordingly, Amanda’s guess was confirmed. And the secret of the missing ring was solved. After about four hours of hard work, the vets removed the ring and the dog’s health was fine. In the end, this turned out to be a funny incident that they will never forget.

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