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Owner Threw Too Weak And Old Rottweiler Into The Dirty Canal.

Everyone’s hearts are not as beautiful as we think. People with kind hearts know very well that the lives of every living being are very precious. But some people don’t know that. They do not value the lives of innocent animals at all.

And some owners do not pay special attention to their pets. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to provide the necessary treatments for pets when their health condition collapses. But instead of treating them, some people throw them on the streets. This is a story about an innocent Rottweiler who faced such a fate.

One day Miami-Dade Rescue received an unexpected information. It is about a dog floating in a very dirty canal in that area. According to the information, someone had thrown the dog into the canal and the dog was making great efforts to keep its head above water. And it is very famous that many people throw animals into this canal. As a result, many animals lose their lives. But thankfully, a kind man who saw this dog and informed the rescuers about it.

After receiving this news, the rescue team rushed to the spot as soon as possible. When they reached the spot, the dog was floating in the muddy water and he was making great effort to save his life. The rescuers got the dog out as quickly as possible. They then wrapped him in a blanket and took him for treatment. He was a Rottweiler about 12-years-old.

There, Mr. Lloyd, who has worked as a rescue officer for 12 years and has been running a wildlife sanctuary for about 25 years, was excited after seeing this dog. Because he was too weak even could not lift his head and his mental level had collapsed. He was actually at the end of his life. No one believed that he would be able to live. The vets also found that he had been starving without food for a long time.

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Mr Lloyd said his owner or breeder must have completely ignored him. Because if he lived on the road, at least he could find some food. But they did not want to give up. They treated the dog as best they could. And Mr. Lloyd decided to adopt this Rottweiler. As a result of all that, the dog that was thrown away like garbage by someone made great progress in a very short time.

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