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Family Rottweiler Had Only Six Week to Live. Owner Made Amazing Bucket List For Her.

There are two types of pet owners in this world. One type is the owners who raise animals for various profits. The other type is who really love animals. So owners who truly love their pets will do everything they can for their pet’s happiness. Sometimes they even do things for their owner that no one else can do.

Simon Spencer is one such beloved rottweiler owner. Like every loving pet owner, he loved his dog immensely. Not only he but also his partner Teresa Clancy loved this Rottweiler very much. Coco, the dog is like their kid. They lived like one family. They gave the dog everything it needed and it was very difficult for them to live apart from each other. Coco also loved Simon and Teresa very much. And she was a very obedient and gentle dog to them.

But unexpectedly, all this turned upside down. One day, Simon realized that Coco’s health was not so good and took the dog for veterinarian. After that, the vets examined the dog very well and performed several scans on him. As a result, they diagnosed Coco with an incurable health problem. So they said it was time to say goodbye to Coco. Those words were absolutely unbearable not only for Simon but also for Teresa.

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But vets said Coco’s health had completely collapsed and she had about six weeks to live. They also said that it is not possible to save her life with medical treatment. So the owners had to accept the truth. They had to face reality somehow. But Simon decided that something big had to do for their beloved Rottweiler. Accordingly, Simon decided to make these 6 weeks memorable for him and keep him completely happy.

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For that, Simon and Teresa created a bucket list for Coco. This bucket list included 30 fun things to do with Coco. Accordingly, there is a day at the beach, a helicopter ride, a meal in a restaurant, and a sushi meal, Share an ice cream with daddy at the beach, Sit in the front cab of a train, Have photos with an Olympic torch, Many things were included like Meet a celebrity dog, Play football on a beach, a drive-through Big Mac, Go swimming in a pool with daddy and etc.

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So Simon managed to complete this bucket list in Coco’s last 6 weeks. Thanks to these loving owners, the dog spent the last 6 weeks of his life happier than ever. She is indeed a very lucky dog.

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