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Rottweiler Protects His Owner and Little Son From Stranger in Middle of The Night.

Rottweilers are an excellent breed that has been used as guard dogs since ancient times. They have been used as guard dogs since the days of the Roman emperors. Also, in the past, they have been used to take care of cattle herds. Therefore, they have an innate ability to protect anything. When given the proper training and socialization they need, they will protect their family to the best of their ability.

Monica Anderson is the owner of one such smart Rottweiler. Her big strong dog, Noah, was very loyal to her family. One night in the middle of the night when she and her son were alone at home, Noah started barking non-stop. His behavior was very unusual and they could not control him. Monica and son could not imagine why he behaving like this. He ran all over the house like crazy and started barking continuously. It seemed like he wanted to go out.

So Monica realized that something was wrong and checked the outside of the house. There she saw an unknown man had entered their yard. The man entering their garage and trying to enter the house. Seeing that, she allowed Noah to go outside and the dog ran to the man straightly. The dog chased the man across the yard and the man requested her to catch the dog. There she said that he had no business with her property.

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Eventually, the man managed to escape from the dog and it is not clear what happened to him. Monica said she couldn’t imagine what would have happened if the dog hadn’t been there. Monika said their heroic dog saved their lives that night.

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