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Giant Rottweiler Climbed On Sink Just Like a Cat. What a Funny Dog.

As you probably know, Rottweilers are the heaviest breed in the dog world. Their large size and appearance have made them one of the world’s most popular breeds. An average well-grown male Rottweiler weighs between 95-135 pounds. Also, a fully grown female rottweiler weighs between 80-110 pounds. Accordingly, their weight is equal to the weight of a well-grown normal human.

Because of their excess weight, they have both positive and negative benefits. Because of this heavy weight, they need a proper exercise every day and if they don’t get exercise, their health condition will collapse. But even though they are a heavy and giant breed, sometimes they behave like lap dogs.Their size doesn’t matter to them. They do whatever they wants to do. This is a ridiculous act by such a giant rottweiler.

Normally, cats like to climb to high places. But not only cats, even giant dogs like to climb high places. This large rottweiler weighing around 100 pounds is one such dog. One day the dog’s owner heard a noise from the bathroom and went to check it. There she saw something she never expected. Her giant dog was climbed on the ceramic sink in the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

For several minutes she stared at the dog with so excited. But then she couldn’t stop laughing. He is really like a giant. But he was standing on the sink like a little lap dog or cat. He was very happy on the sink and it was a very funny moment. Therefore, she did not forget to record this wonderful behavior of her dog. After releasing that video on the internet, it became very popular everywhere. Perhaps he would choose a higher place next time, some said. And the owner speculated that maybe he climbed on top of the sink because he wanted to drink water or take a shower.

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