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Two Rottweilers Saves Their Owner From Giant Tiger

Rottweilers are one of the strongest breeds in the dog world. Their strength and strong appearance have also made them one of the most popular breeds in the world. Moreover, Rottweilers are among the ten most intelligent dogs in the dog world. Some people think they are a very aggressive breed. But that is not a correct opinion.

When given good training and socialization, they become very gentle and loyal dogs to their family and owner. And they come forward for them at any moment to protect their owner’s life. And they don’t even think about their life.

Megan Bongi, 48, is the owner of two such large Rottweiler dogs. One day she went to Kruger National Park with her two dogs. That was the first time. At first everything went very well. But after a few minutes she faced an unexpected incident. She was walking in the park with her dogs when suddenly a tiger jumped at her from somewhere. She thought she was end.

But thankfully her two dogs were with her. They did not leave their mother’s side. The two giant rottweilers tried their best to protect their mom. They bit the tiger until it ran away. But the tiger did not give up for several minutes. The two dogs continued to be aggressive towards him. Finally the tiger had to flee. The woman’s life was saved due to the brave action of the two dogs.

But at the end of the incident, one dog lost his leg forever. Accordingly, he had to walk with only three legs for the rest of his life. Many who knew about the incident said that she had trained her dogs very well. Locals also came to Megan’s house with gifts and a local politician gave her some money.

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According to her, she bought these puppies when they were puppies. Then she hired a dog expert and trained her puppies very well. So as a result these two rottweiler dogs got very good training and socialization.

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