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Little Rottweiler Girl Thrown From Bed Of Moving Truck and Adopted by Man Who Saw It.

People use dogs for various purposes. Some people adopt dogs as pets. And some people adopt dogs for various financial benefits. Such people do not really love dogs. They only expect benefits from dogs. So because of such people thousands of innocent dogs have to face various difficulties every single year. This is such an incredible incident.

A few years ago, near the 6000 block of Bender Road in Delhi Township, Ohio, something unbelievable happened. A man named Justin Egner was traveling in his vehicle when a full-size white Chevrolet pickup was traveling in front of him. Within minutes, the vehicle began to travel at speeds around 10 to 15 miles per hour, which gradually slowed down. So Egner also slowed down his vehicle. He could not believe his eyes what he saw there.

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A man sitting in the bed stood up and picks a dog up and over his head threw the dog out of the moving vehicle. After that, the truck driver sped away. Both the driver of the truck and the other person were in their mid-20′s. The innocent puppy hit the ground, rolled and then slid across the ground. Egner stopped his car and went to the dog. She is still a little puppy of about seven-months-old. And she is a very beautiful Rottweiler girl. He approached the puppy and tried his best to warm her to him.

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But it was not easy. Because at first, the puppy didn’t let him get close to her. But he did not give up. He sat on the road with the puppy. Then gradually became friends with her. Finally, he picked up the Rottweiler girl in his car and took her home. Egner then contacted the SPCA. After that call several officers came to his house to check on her and luckily she was fine. It is truly a miracle.

So in the end, instead of sending the little puppy with them, Egner asked them if he could keep her. The dog doesn’t even have a microchip, so it’s impossible to trace her owner. And no owner came forward for her. So SPCA officials allowed him to adopt the puppy. Egner named her Roxie. He says that she is very kind, loyal and a great dog. And she listened very well to everything and she was very intelligent.

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