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Neglected Rottweiler Found With Severe and Extremely Red Wound Around the Eyes.

Bear is a Rottweiler who was found in a heartbreaking condition. Bear had been untreated for at least two years and was suffering from a severe autoimmune disease. The neglected Rottweiler was found roaming the northern suburbs of Adelaide with severe wounds around his eyes. He is a six-year-old dog. His pictures were widely shared on social media and it resulted in the RSPCA offering to look after him.

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The area around the Rottweiler’s eyes was extremely red and raw. He could not bear the pain. It also appeared to affect his vision. RSPCA inspector Christy Adams said when she first saw the bear, it didn’t seem very well. Vets said the dog had been untreated for at least two years. And they soon discovered he was suffering from a rare autoimmune disease. They administered treatments to suppress the immune response that was damaging the dog’s tissues.

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The treatment was given over a period of about 7 months and worked very well, but slowly. However, the owner who abandoned the Rottweiler was fined $2,000 and ordered to pay almost $3,000 in veterinary bills. All the staff at the RSPCA loved the dog very much. Eventually a loving family came forward to adopt Bear and they traveled nearly 60 kilometers to see the dog. All the staff were teary-eyed on the day Bear said goodbye to the shelter with his new family.

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Bear got all the comforts in her new home he never had before. He even got a blanket. He lived the happiest life ever. Bear finally left life due to sudden illness.

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