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Rottweiler Puppy Miraculously Survived After Eating Glue Container.

Most adult dogs are like small children. Even giant dogs sometimes don’t care about their size. Most dogs in particular have no understanding of things in the human world. Puppies are always very attentive to new things around them. Check what they are. Then unexpectedly they may even face various problems. This is such an event.

This is the story of a couple in Kansas City who miraculously saved their Rottweiler puppy after eating a container of gorilla glue. Teresa Sanders and Aaron Blake love their energetic 7-month-old puppy Lucy like their lives. One day Blake was repairing his exercise equipment. He often uses gorilla glue to repair these exercise equipment. During that time, when he turned back, he saw an unexpected thing. Their pet rottweiler had completely smashed the gorilla glue container.

Blake couldn’t think of anything. Within 20 minutes, the puppy became dehydrated and weak. They rushed the puppy to the emergency vet clinic as soon as possible. By the time they got there, her stomach had already swollen. The vet said as a result of ingesting the glue, Lucy suffered a severe growth the size of a cantaloupe in her stomach. And if the owners had not brought the puppy immediately, Lucy would have lost her life within a day. The vet removed the large mass in the stomach as quickly as possible.

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By the next day, Lucy was eating again. Blake said the vet performed a miracle and saved the puppy for them. One of the main reasons why Lucy ate it was because gorilla glue usually has a very sweet smell that dogs love. So if you are a dog owner, don’t forget to keep an eye on your pets. Because anything can happen to them at any moment.

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