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Innocent Rottweiler Girl Abandoned With Several Health Problems.

Abandoning animals is not a simple matter at all. It exposes them to an uncertain fate. Dogs and cats are especially prone to this condition. Once on the streets, they must fend for themselves. Moreover, they have to suffer from hunger, thirst and diseases. What’s more touching is that their heart break when you let them go. They may suffer from depression. They will go through a very difficult period.

This Rottweiler also faced such an unfortunate fate. One day, a very poor Rottweiler was abandoned outside the rehoming center called Dogs Trust Ireland. Eimear Cassidy, assistant manager of rehoming operations said when she went to open the gates at the rehoming center just after 7:30 a.m., she saw this poor rottweiler girl attached to the gates. She was totally amazed. By then the dog was shivering from extreme cold and the dog became friendly with her very quickly. The dog was very happy to see her.

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Cassidy led her inside. And named her Beau. But she wanted to know who did this to this poor dog. So she reviewed the CCTV footage. It was found that she had been abandoned before midnight. After seeing that, Cassidy became even more upset. Because the dog had been lying there in the cold, alone, for over seven hours.

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Upon closer inspection of the dog, Cassidy noticed lumps hanging from her lower chest and her head tilted to one side. The Rottweiler was then taken to a veterinarian where she was diagnosed with an ear infection. It caused her great embarrassment and tilting her head. Samples from different tumors were sent for laboratory analysis to find the right treatment for Beau’s nodules. However, as months passed, Beau recovered under the kind staff of the rehoming center.

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