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This Adorable Rottweiler Every Day Asks Owner for a Morning Cuddle.

Rottweilers are the 9th most popular dog breed in US. Although they are a very aggressive breed, once they know you are their family, they will warm up quickly. They are often misunderstood because of their strong appearance. But those who share their lives with giant Rottweilers know how loving, loyal and loving they can be. They are actually much more affectionate and friendly than most people think. Today we are going to tell you the best example of that.

One day, the dog’s owner posted a video on social media a cute moment of the Rottweiler jumping into bed with its owner ready for a morning cuddle. The dog’s owner, Ellie Dickens, posted a video online showing her 5-year-old rottweiler, Winnie, waiting patiently at the door before coming in for a morning pet.

According to the video, the dog peeks into the room in the morning while the owner is still lying in bed, patiently wagging her tail. As soon as Winnie was told she could get on the bedding, it’s amazing how incredibly fast she jumps on the bed. It’s really cute. Winnie does this every day as a habit.

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When properly raised, these dogs often have a playful personality as well as trust, intelligence and loyalty to their humans. When they begin to love their family and owner, they love immensely. Especially they always want to cuddle with family. And they come forward for the life of his family without even thinking about his own life at any moment. This story is a good example of how aggressive, giant and tough breeds are, they also have a very gentle and loving side.

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