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Rottweiler Survived After Someone Cut His Head. But He Had to Leave Life Very Soon.

Not every man’s heart is as beautiful as we think. Not all humans love animals. Only kind people can love animals. But due to the mental problems of some people, innocent animals have to face various difficulties. This is a story about three Rottweiler dogs who faced such an unfortunate fate.

10-year-old Sheena, one-year-old Lola and eight-month-old Rocky are three adorable Rottweilers. Their owners, Grexton and Wiebe, loved these three dogs very much. But one day unexpectedly, a man has cut their 10-year-old rottweiler, Sheena. Her head and side were cut deeply and thanks to the efforts of the vets, her life was saved. Rocky, who was only eight months old, lost an ear from that incident.

As the dog’s health returned to normal, her owners noticed something growing in Sheena’s mouth. It was on the upper jaw on the left side of the back of the mouth. Birch Animal vet Jatinder Mundy, who examined her, said that it’s a condition that spreads very quickly everywhere. He said that because of her age, trying to save her with therapies is impractical. She started losing weight very quickly. Many believe that this condition developed because of the cuts she had.

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As it was very difficult to save Sheena, they finally decided to put her down for her own good. The family was heartbroken by this decision. Because they know her very well since she was one year old. But in the end they had to say goodbye to her. The authorities were not too keen on finding the person who did this to their dogs. Therefore, Grexton and Wiebe did not get help from the authorities to find the man.

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