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Rottweiler Saves Next Door Tiny Dog From Coyote.

Rottweilers normally love people. They are safe. Loves children. Emotionally intelligent. Everywhere they usually like to follow their owners. Rottweilers are natural, reliable protectors. Expect your dog to be fiercely protective of you and your home. Maybe they even protect your beloved neighbors. Well-trained Rottweilers also deal with neighborhood animals. They are especially brave. Because Rottweilers are less likely to fear what most dogs fear. They often stay away when other breeds are stressed.

If you live in an urban area, you and your pets won’t have problems with wildlife. But even urban areas may not be as safe as you think at unexpected moments. This is such a story. This man lives in the middle of a city. He has never seen coyotes in the area where he lives. One morning around 7 a.m., the man’s wife left their little chihuahua, Trixxie, on a chain near the driveway for a few minutes while went inside to use the restroom. She didn’t think twice about leaving the dog on a chain because that area is very safe for the dog.

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But it didn’t take long for an aggressive coyote to emerge from the far side of the field. Trixxie couldn’t run. Within seconds, the coyote picked up the dog and began dragging it. But the helpless coyote could only go as far as the chain would allow. But suddenly, the incident caught the attention of the next-yard neighbor Rottweiler, Happy. It was Trixxie’s luck. Happy jumped on the coyote, allowing Trixxie to escape. Moreover, the coyote continued to chase until he fled the scene. Fortunately, the little dog’s life was saved thanks to the Rottweiler. Rottweiler dogs that are really well trained and socialized are used to getting along very well not only in the house but also with the neighbors.

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