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Rottweiler Puppy Dumped In Cardboard Box Unable to Stand-Up Because of Broken Spine.

The Rottweiler is a loving, loyal and amazing companion in the dog world. They are the 9th most popular dog breed in America. Once they know you are their family, they will quickly warm to you. They are truly a wonderful breed. They are affectionate, devoted, love to cuddle, play and lean on you, especially when they start to love you. Well socialized Rottweilers get along well with people and other dogs. But unfortunately, many people do not understand their uniqueness.

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One day, an adorable cute little Rottweiler puppy was found dumped in a bin in North London. The three-month-old dog was found by a passer-by on Ashton Road in Enfield. She was left in an old cardboard box. Her spine was too severely damaged and she couldn’t to stand up. The Rottweiler was then taken to the RSPCA’s Southridge Animal Center in Potters Bar. Her back legs were not working properly. She was very weak. But someone had left her like this, alone, on a busy London street in the freezing cold. However, she was in such unfortunate condition that the vets decided to put her down.

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Center manager Anna White said about this Rottweiler puppy. “When this poor puppy was brought to us she was unable to stand up, let alone walk and get out of the cardboard box. It is not certain whether her health problems were born with her or the result of something someone did. However, she may have been abandoned by a breeder due to her health problems. Because it is very difficult to sell such puppies to customers. Another puppy, believed to be from the same litter, with similar markings to hers was found in the same area.

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