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Rottweiler Saves Owner’s Life From Venomous Snake Coiled Under Couch.

Rottweilers are considered to be one of the oldest breeds and were previously used to protect herds and act as guards. And today they act as a companion and protector of the family. Because Rottweilers are very popular as loyal, strong and alert dogs. Willingness and courage to protect themselves and their loved ones are the hallmarks of their character. These qualities make Rottweilers a good family dog. They are also attached to their owner and loyal to their household members.

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This is a wonderful story of how a brave and intelligent pet dog in South Africa saved its owner from a poisonous mamba snake that was hiding under the couch at home. This Rottweiler, who lives in Escombe, Queensburgh, started pushing his owner off his couch every evening. The owner thought it was an unusual habit of the dog. But one day when the dog started barking behind the couch, the owner realized something was wrong. He checked under the couch and found this snake.

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Seeing the Rottweiler as a threat, he ran to bite the snake. But the owner caught the dog in time and dragged him inside the house. If the dog had tried to bite the snake, the life of the dog or the snake would have ended. “Never let your dog bite a snake for you. It often ends unfortunately for the dog,” said Nick Evans, an African snake catcher. Finally, the Rottweiler saved his owner’s life.

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