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Rottweiler Saves Owner by Opening Door for Paramedics.

The life of every owner who has a Rottweiler dog is probably very secure. Because Rottweilers are a very popular breed as guard dogs since ancient times. In particular, they are currently used as guard dogs and therapy dogs. Accordingly, there are many Rottweiler dogs that have saved their owner’s lives. This is another such story.

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Gary Gregory, 32, is a loving dog owner with two dogs. But his health deteriorates from time to time. One day Mr. Gary’s health broke down as usual. His wife was also not at home. Within minutes he couldn’t see anything and hear anything. He could not stand up. He frantically dialed 999 and asked for paramedics. However, before paramedics arrived, Mr Gregory collapsed again.

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Paramedics arrived at Gary’s home, but no one was there to answer the door. They knocked on the door several times. But there was no response. Finally they decided to break down the door. But finally, to everyone’s surprise, Gary’s Rottweiler, Meghan, opened the door. At first, the team of paramedics did not want to enter the house. Because they thought Meghan was a very aggressive Rottweiler. But she allowed them to enter the house. Mr. Gregory was taken for treatment.

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Later, Gregory’s partner, Sean, said that Meghan did not sleep while he was the hospital. She walked around for two days and put off food. And when Gregory came home, she never left his side. Gregory said his life would almost certainly have been end without the Rottweiler.

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