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Rottweiler Sacrifices His Life to Save Owner’s Life From Bullet.

We all know that Rottweilers are one of the most magnificent breeds in the dog world. Sometimes no other breed can match their excellence. In many cases they come forward to save the life of their owners without even thinking about their own lives. In fact, they can make incredible sacrifices for their loved ones. This is a heartwarming example of that.

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Dogs offer both companionship and loyalty to their owners. In fact, they are considered the natural partners of humans. When it comes to sacrificing even life, dogs usually sacrifice their own lives to protect their masters. A Rottweiler dog did such an incredible thing to save its owner’s life in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. One day Vishal Srivastava, the owner of this dog, was doing some construction done outside his house for a cowshed. But his neighbor Anil objected the construction work. Saying that it would create hindrance for students, who come to school run by Anil.

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Accordingly, a verbal problem arose between Vishal and his neighbor Anil regarding this construction. But their momentum grew and Anil sent a bullet at Vishal. Meanwhile, Vishal’s pet Rottweiler, Max, realizes what is about to happen and jumps to Anil to save his owner. As a result, the bullet unexpectedly entered Max’s body. Vishal could not imagine what had happened. He took his pet to the vet as soon as possible, where he was left life.

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