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Rottweiler Saved Owner and 20 other Pet’s Lives From Fire.

The Rottweiler has always been a great breed. No other breed can match the excellence of this breed. Therefore, Rottweiler dogs have become a very popular breed in the world. No matter how aggressive a dog they are, loyal to their family and owner, they will come forward at any moment to save their lives. This is the story of one such superhero dog.

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Johnny Hawkes is an avid animal lover. In addition to his pet Rottweiler, he raised more than 20 exotic pets in his home. One day Johnny Hawkes fell asleep for a few minutes while preparing dinner. But in the meantime, he was not aware that smoke was coming out of the kitchen. But his dog Roxy sensed all this. Sensing that something was about to go wrong, Roxy barked as loud as he could. The dog didn’t hear Johnny. Because he was in a very deep sleep. But the neighbors heard well. When they checked the dog was barking unusually, they noticed smoke coming from the kitchen of Johnny’s house.

One of the neighbors knocked on the door of the house to prevent what was about to happen, but Johnny did not hear it. The neighbor even tried to break the door. At last the sound brought Johnny to his senses. He then called the emergency services as soon as possible and within minutes they arrived to control the fire. All the animals were very safe. But to ensure Roxy’s health, Johnny took him to a vet. Fortunately, the Rottweiler was also doing very well. Everyone said that it was thanks to the dog that Johnny and the other animals’ lives were saved

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