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Rottweiler Amazingly Returns Home After More Than 7 Months Missing.

No owner can bear the separation of their pet. Because most pet owners love their pets more than anything in this world. Therefore, they dream of living with their pets until the rest of their lives. But unfortunately, they have to part with pets.

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Ruger is a Rottweiler who loves his family members very much. His owners loved him very much and gave him everything he wanted. But one day Ruger got lost in their backyard on Mount Vernon Road. He cannot see properly. Doesn’t hear properly. Because he was a 14-year-old dog at that time. Therefore, the family could not imagine where he went.

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The owners looked for him everywhere they could, but they couldn’t find any information about him. At the same time, they heard a news that some other dogs in that area had disappeared randomly. So they thought that someone must have taken Ruger as well. Several months have passed since Ruger was gone. But they loved the Rottweiler so much that they looked for him everywhere every day. But none of their efforts were successful.

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Finally, they speculated that the dog must have wandered off into the forest and lost there. Ruger’s family also sought the help of dog rescue groups and shared his photos on social media. Because they wanted to know something about their Rottweiler pet somehow. And when the winter started, they were very worried about how he would bear the cold.

But one day about 7 months after his disappearance, they found Ruger wandering around the area. He was very tired and very weak. Ruger’s disfigured appearance clearly showed that he had not been fed for months. No one really knows what happened to him. Fortunately, he had no other health problems. They speculated that maybe a breeder had taken Ruger. But in the end they speculated that somehow he got free from the place and came like this.

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