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Giant Rottweiler Breast feeds and Adopts Orphaned Kittens as Her Own.

Rottweilers are a much more loving and loyal breed than some people think. A properly trained and well-socialized Rottweiler can understands everything very best. As aggressive a breed as they are, they also have a sensitive side. They really have a beautiful heart. This story is a perfect example of that.

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Bonnie Donaldson is a kind hearted woman who loves animals very much. A family of cats and a Rottweiler lived in her house. Her cat, Lulu, was struck by a car one day a few houses down from her Chestnut Street home and left this world forever. She said the driver drove away without stopping. Neighbors said it looked like he had swerved right towards her and hit her on purpose. What’s even more touching is that Lulu is a mother to several tiny kittens who are only a few weeks old. They needed his mother’s milk.

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Donaldson and her son, David, began bottle- and formula-feeding the kittens. Meanwhile, her family’s Rottweiler, Jade, had been whining and panting a lot because of her friend. She realized that the cat friend’s kittens needed milk and warmth from their mother. So this Rottweiler decided to help ease the kittens’ loss the only way she could. One day, Jade sat outside Donaldson’s bedroom door and whimpered. When she checked why, she saw that Jade had taken the kittens out of the crate. Another amazing thing is that Jade tries to breastfeed the kittens.

Donaldson couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She was nursing the little kittens, hiding them protectively underneath her. The owner said that she has never been bred. Donaldson said she thought she is a cat because she grew up with several cats in the house since she was a puppy. And Lulu was like this Rottweiler’s baby. When she is asked “where is your baby”, she searches for Lulu throughout the house. After Lulu gave birth to the kittens, Jade lay by their bed.

Jade lies down with them, cleaning and nursing them. However, they cannot get all their nutrition from the dog. Unfortunately, one kitten was not lucky enough to survive. Donaldson tried to find homes for the other kittens and decided to keep the one that looked just like Lulu.

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