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Rottweiler Saves His Elderly Owner From Aggressive Kangaroo.

Rottweiler dogs are truly superheroes. There is no doubt about it. They are vigorous, strong breed. And they are very intelligent. Although they are quite aggressive by nature, when properly trained they become extremely obedient dogs to their family and owner. Sometimes they come forward to save the lives of their loved ones without even thinking about their own lives. This Rottweiler is such a hero.

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Pam Baldwin, 71, is a Rottweiler owner. Although she is an elderly woman, her pet dog, Bundy, is a very brave and strong dog. Ms. Pam often goes for walks with her Rottweiler pet. One day she was walking her dog in Nail Can Hill, Albury, Western Australia when she encountered an unexpected incident. While he was walking this area, an aggressive kangaroo suddenly jumped at Ms. Pam from behind. The kangaroo was so aggressive that it kicked her in the stomach. Also, left her arm needing stitches.

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However, as soon as the dog realized that his owner was in trouble, he ran over her and jumped at the kangaroo and tried hard to chase him away. Pam told the media that Bundy tried to chase away the kangaroo for about 45 minutes. And she didn’t let the kangaroo come near Pam. And once the kangaroo tried to drown the dog in water, the woman said. Bystanders witnessed the incident and the Rottweiler was still protecting its owner from the kangaroo when paramedics arrived. Witnesses said the kangaroo was at least 1.8 meters tall. However, Pam said Bundy tried to chase the kangaroo away for about 45 minutes until help arrived. Finally, the doctors took Pam for treatment and the dog was also given the necessary treatment.

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