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Rottweiler Saves 37 Human Lives From Heavy Flood.

Rottweiler dogs are one of the ten smartest dogs in the world. Their instincts are so advanced that they are naturally good at saving lives. So today we are going to tell you about a heroic Rottweiler who amazed the whole world and saved 37 human lives.

The Vargas flood in 1999 was the biggest flood Venezuela had ever experienced. Livestock, human lives and thousands of properties were lost due to torrential rains. Varas pilot Mauricio Perez’s family is also one of the families that faced this incident. His family consisted of two Rottweiler dogs and five puppies, a cat, and the children of Perez and his wife. Vargas County received unprecedented rainfall, reaching its peak on December 15 and 16. On the afternoon of December 15, something strange happened. Perez’s Rottweiler dog Orion’s behavior began to change completely.

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No one could understand why he was behaving so abnormally. But that night it was revealed to everyone what caused the dog’s behavior. Unexpectedly, a very large storm swept through their area. Perez went to the terrace of the house with his family and animals. They had some protection there. The rain did not stop until the next morning and the torrential downpour continued for several hours. Due to the storm and flood, lost many lives and displaced thousands more.

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Rescue teams came to rescue the people the next morning, but Perez’s family couldn’t to take the animals. So they decided to stay with the animals on the terrace. Meanwhile, Orion suddenly ran across the terrace and jumped into the water. At one point no one could imagine what happened to him. Because the Rottweiler had no reason to jump into the water. While everyone was watching, he did something incredible. He swam over to a girl who was barely holding a log in the water. Orion then grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her to safety. She is an eight-year-old little girl. Fortunately, Orion saved her life. After a while, he jumped back into the water and saved the life of another 14-year-old girl. Maybe he understood the problem people were facing.

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He wanted to save the lives of people trapped in the water. So no one could stop him. He continued to work with rescue teams to save people. In the end, there was no information about Orion. There was no update to the family whether he was alive or not. So they started to find out what happened to Orion. But they did not get any information.

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But two days later there was a radio report about a heroic dog that saved the lives of 37 people. But Perez never thought for a moment that it was his pet Rottweiler. But the neighbors also started talking about Orion’s heroism. Eventually, Perez’s family and Orion were reunited. Orion was invited to television programs for his heroism. He was also awarded the Hero Medal. Moreover, this heroic Rottweiler was also honored by other non-governmental organizations.

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