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Two Rottweilers Left Their Lives After Wife Ties Them to Vehicle And Husband Drives Away

Dog owners should be careful at all times. Because no one can imagine what will happen to them in the next moment. But sometimes our carelessness can even cost our pets their lives. This is such a story.

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The heartbreaking incident was reported at around 3.30pm in the Pound Hill area of Crawley, West Sussex. Officers in Sussex received reports of a man tied two rottweiler dogs behind his Land Rover. The passerbys who witnessed this unbelievable incident alerted the authorities as soon as possible. The two helpless dogs were tied to the rear bumper of the vehicle until it stopped.

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Officers arrived at the scene and found more information. There they came to know that he did not even know that two dogs were tied behind the vehicle. The man’s wife had temporarily tied the dogs to the rear bumper of the vehicle. But he did not know that. And his wife never dreamed that this would happen. Unfortunately, both dogs had already lost their lives. One Rottweiler was found lying on the road. Because he had traveled more than a kilometer when he was stoppedbthe vehicle. It was obvious that this was not at all what they had planned. Everyone in the house loved the two dogs so much that they could not bear this.

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