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Abandoned Rottweiler Won Best Dog Award Because of His Amazing Transformation.

God does not give everyone a second chance at life. This is a story about a wonderful dog who got a second chance in life.

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One day an abandoned Rottweiler was rescued by The PACK Sanctuary, a local rescue group in Taiwan. Tiny, who was in the last stages of life, was not in good health when he was first rescued. His appearance was so disfigured that no one could recognize him as a Rottweiler. He was also severely emaciated. The vets who attended him diagnosed him with a number of health issues.

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And Tiny had to face too many dark experiences. By the time they rescued him he had become a very aggressive dog. Seán McCormack, Co-Founder and Executive Director of PACK Sanctuary, said this helpless little guy definitely needs help. However, he was loved by all the members of PACK Sanctuary. His mental health was also not good. No one really believed that his life could be saved.

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Laeila Pereira, a volunteer at the shelter, paid special attention to Tiny. At first, Tiny had gave up his life, she said. But Sean didn’t give up him. He took the dog to the sanctuary and began the necessary treatment. They created an environment where the dog could feel safe. But at first he also said he was a Mastiff.

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As the months passed, Tiny slowly recovered. He became a popular dog loved by everyone at The PACK Sanctuary. But no one thought he was a Rottweiler. So after knowing that, everyone was surprised. Tiny’s fur grew beautifully. His appearance became very strong and healthy like a young dog. Dr. Yang at YangMing Veterinary Hospital in Taipei was the vet who helped with Tiny’s recovery. Laeila Pereira loved him immensely. As a result, she decided to adopt this wonderful dog. Leela moved to a new apartment because the dog wanted to live comfortably. Thanks to everyone, he is now a cute, loving dog. Most notably, Tiny won the RSPCA’s Best Dog Award for this amazing transformation.

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