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Tiny Westie and Big Rottweiler Produced Litter of New Breed.

The animal world is more amazing than we think. Because many events in the animal world are truly amazing. The dog world is such a wonderful place. As you may know, there are many breeds in the world that are produced by mixing different types of dogs. Rottweiler and German Shepherd, Rottweiler and pitbull are some examples.

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But today we are going to tell you about a story of a wonderful breed made from the combination of Rottweiler and West Highland Terrier. These two dogs are very different in size. Rottweilers are very large and West Highland Terriers are very small. Accordingly, their size and appearance do not match at all. But appearance are not important to start a love between two hearts. That’s why Joey and Sarah fell in love. They lived together in a house in Yorkshire, UK. They are Rottweiler and West Highland Terrier.

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A female Rottweiler named Zara and a male West Highland Terrier named Joey were great friends. But no one in the family knew about their relationship until Sarah gave birth to 11 puppies. One day they found out that this Rottweiler was pregnant. After knowing it, the whole family was surprised. And they had no idea how she got pregnant. But everyone was impatiently waiting for her to give birth. The owners were completely amazed when they finally saw her pups. Because they had characteristics of both Rottweiler-Westie.

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Therefore, it was not difficult for the family to understand what had happened. The father of the puppies is small Westie. But unexpectedly, 4 puppies lost their lives soon after birth. The other puppies all found loving homes and were nicknamed “Wotties” because of their Rottweiler-Westie mix.

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