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Little Girl Jumps on Trampoline With Her Giant Rottweiler Friend.

Adopting a Rottweiler dog ia a dream of many dog lovers. Because many people don’t know, the Rottweiler is one of the most wonderful breeds in the dog world. Some say they are a very aggressive and insecure breed, but when properly trained, they make wonderful companions.

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The Rottweiler is actually a very gentle and loving breed when given good training and socialization. And many people say that it is not safe to raise them with kids. That’s because of their size and aggressive nature. But after this story, your opinion will change completely.

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This is a perfect example of how gentle they are with small kids. Alex, a three-year-old girl, lived in Jackson, Wyoming. Her two-year-old family Rottweiler named Kona, and Alex were very good friends. Because Kona was a very mischievous and cuddly dog like little Alex. They were truly wonderful friends. Kona was also a wonderful playmate for little Alex.

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One day the little girl’s parents confirmed how wonderful their bond. It’s from a video uploaded on internet. At first, the little girl was having fun jumping on a trampoline. Her Rottweiler friend stared at this for a while. Then she also jumped on the trampoline and started copying the little girl’s every move. It was a very fun game for both of them and both were very happy. Alex’s parents say their Rottweiler is like a little girl of their family.

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