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Rottweiler Saves Family Boy from Wild Pit Bull.

Any Rottweiler owner knows that the Rottweiler is one of the most magnificent breeds in the dog world. Because their instincts are so advance from birth, a Rottweiler can do many things that a normal dog cannot. Especially they come forward without even thinking about their own life to save the lives of their family.

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On March 27, 2015, a Rottweiler who lived about 31 miles away from Orlando did such an amazing feat. Two boys were playing on their bicycle near the house on Westmoreland Street in Sorrento, Florida. But suddenly something unexpected happened. While the boys were riding their bicycles, a dog came running out of the nearby forest. That wild pitbull dog came straight at the boys. The dog ran so fast that boys didn’t even have time to run. One boy sped away on his bike. But the other boy was caught by the dog while trying to run away.

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The pitbull grabbed the boy’s leg. And he kept trying to bite the boy. The boys’ family pet Rottweiler was inside the home at the time of the incident. Luckily the Rottweiler saw this incident and ran towards the boys as fast as he could. Rottweiler then jumped on the Pitbull’s neck and started biting him until he ran away. In the end, the pit bull had to run back into the forest for rescue his life. However, the dog had already bitten off a large part of the boy’s leg. But all said the boy’s life would have ended without the rottweiler. Lake County wildlife officials then searched the woods for the dog to catch the stray pit bull.

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